After getting our first samoyede, Liza, we decided to get a male samoyede. Zola was the smallest in the litter so we chose him. It did not take long for him to make up for that. He soon became a beautiful samoyede.
He is one of the descendants of the famous Annecy kennel,the son of Classic Samojed of Paradise Flapjack (HCH - 13 X r. CAC - 5 x R. CACIB - 14x CAC, 98: male of the year), mother is White Star's Diamond Baba ( HJCH, HCH, 1997: female of the year, 15x CAC, 5xR, CAC, 3 xR.CACIB, 3x HFGY, 4x CACIB, 3x HPJ, 1996: champion of champions - BOG III.)
Zola is the most loveable dog. He is calm but still the boss in our garden among the other dogs.Although, we don't take our dogs to dog shows, once I took Zola, just out of curiosity. The problem was that he was a bit shy, so he got excellent qualification.

Name: White Star's Diamond Zola
Birth date: 29 May 2004
Birth place:
Albertirsa, Hungary
Father: Classic Samojed of Paradise Flapjack
Mother: White Star's Diamond Baba
Breeder: Valéria Futó -silver wreath master breeder
Owner: Beáta Ujszászi