Polly is a real cool doggy. She is the opposite of Zola and Liza. Whatever she wants she does it no matter what. Extremely slippy and in everything that is just not right!
She is an amazing dog that everyone would desire.
Her parents are:
father: Gold Kartus ( HJCH, 5x HPJ, HFGY, 5 x R. CAC, CAC)
mother : Dunavölgyi Mackós Fanta (2x HPJ, 2x HFGY, BOG)

Name: Dunavölgyi Mackós Polly
Birth date: 03 November 2004
Birth place: Baja, Hungary
Father: Gold Kartus
Mother: Dunavölgyi Mackós Fanta
Breeder: Tamás Huszár
Owner: Beáta Ujszászi